‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Southlake…

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, in Southlake that is. 
Santa soared thru the sky with a dash and a whiz
Knowing this place special, ‘twas a favorite of his 
Delivering goodies to dragons, both a-dult and kids. 

All tiny dragons that would frequent the parks
Bob Jones, Bicentennial, sometimes the Marq,
Had all rushed home before it got dark
Thinking morning might bring a mysterious hoof mark.

Teen dragons were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of state titles danced in their heads.
The band, Belles and players gently yawned deep
Settling nicely in to their green and black sleep.

Gliding over the Senior and High School he flew.
Past all of the Middles, Intermediates too,
Spying Elementaries from high above
His soft spot for teachers who filled halls with love.

Past Carillon, Chapel Downs, Clariden, Stone Lakes
Shady Oaks, Tuscan Ridge, Palamar Estates 
Timber Lake, Kimball Hills, Oak Pointe, Versailles
Timarron and others – he continued to fly.

He delighted in dropping his presents and toys
Into all the green stockings of good girls and boys.
Even Charlie the Dragon got a surprise!
An Ame B’s blanket – black, green and full size!

Santa led his strong team from rooftop to next
Stopping once at the water tower, somewhat perplexed.
How one town so big could also feel small
Where friends became family and love was for all.

He continued maneuvering towards the Town Square
By Starbucks and cows painted with colorful flair 
Past MiCo, the library, the patio at Brio
Tyler’s, and Truluck’s then over towards Evo.

With a tug at his heart, he spied one of his faves.
A special place that deserved so much praise.
He gave a proud nod to the DPS crew.
These first responders deserved presents too!

Down 1709 he called to his team
Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer – don’t run out of steam!
Vixen, Comet and Cupid – you must hold tight
We’re not quite done yet, there’s still lots of night.

Turning North, almost done, straight above Chic-fil-A,
He noticed the difference in late night versus day.
A once bustling parking lot seemed asleep too
And since it was closed, onward he flew.

Santa took off his cap for a minute it seemed
Dabbing his forehead a bit as it gleamed.
For Decembers in Texas could be warmer than places
But he’d one last big gift to bring smiles to all faces.

No matter the temperature this year, he thought
Was his final surprise – one that cannot be bought.
Dragon Stadium now covered with snow that did glisten
He knew of this wish ’cause his specialty? To listen.

As he turned to look back on his most favorite town
A lump of pure love in his throat he choked down.
Wishing nothing but happiness to all those below
Hating to leave, his huge sleigh seemed to slow. 

Turning opposite town, Santa hastened away
Towards the next sleeping city before it broke day.
But some heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

3D Christmas image of Santa and his reindeer flying through a moonlit sky Image by kjpargeter on Freepik.

Snowy trees image MSPP stock photo.

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