Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels?!?

In Texas we say “That’s some bullshit, y’all!” because I can personally think of a TON of culinary options that actually do taste better than being thin...which is 100% why I’ve struggled my entire life to be thin. I adore food so much that when I hear that particular phrase, I gotta call that shit out. Not only do I plan my next meal while eating my current meal, I’ve even deliberated what my VERY last meal might be. You know how prisoners on Death Row get to request their final meal? Don’t you think that’s a pretty big ask? I have spent an embarrassingly large amount of time reasoning what I would select. The thing is – I don’t know that I could narrow it down. Like, what are the parameters within the request? Can I have more than one main course? Is it just the entree or can I have dessert too? Are noshes included? What about alcohol? Do you see what I mean? It’s extremely hard to filter with so many fantastic options. BUT, if I HAD to choose, these would be just a few of the tasty treats from which I would consider potential final eating options. May I present to you my…

Death Row List:
– Frozen pomegranate margarita at Rosa Mexicano in NYC
– Mississippi pot roast
– Savva’s homemade spaghetti sauce
– Any cheese/charcuterie board (preferably my husband’s…ifykyk)
– My grandma’s sausage and cheese biscuits on the drive back from Mississippi to Texas
– Nutella and peanut butter on a Rice Krispy Treat (trust me)
– Tableside guacamole (preferably with sun dried tomatoes and bacon)
– Banana pudding
– Big fat blueberry muffins sprinkled with that crumbly stuff, but as in Seinfeld – just the top
– Literally anything greasy ordered from a swim up bar in Mexico, Caymans, or Belize
– Crispy (important to note that) chips and queso
– Belgian waffles with whipped cream and syrup – and I mean syrup in EVERY square
– Bacon. REAL bacon with the fat on it, not that turkey crap
– A frozen Chi Chi on a beach
– My mom’s fried chicken
– Frito Pie
– Ice cream sandwiches (duh…refer to pic)
– Filet Mignon (medium rare) with melted garlic butter
– Chili’s chicken crispers
– Ice cream sitting on top of a warm brownie
– Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich, aka, Fluffer Nutter
– A really really good messy taco
– authentic campfire s’more at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio
– Warm bread with soft butter
– Mommo’s lemon bundt cake with extra lemon icing
– Pasta (all the pasta) with yummy sauce
– Fried pickles with ranch
– Mom’s sweet potato casserole with candied crushed pecan goodness on top
– The last bite of an ice cream cone that’s half ice cream/half soggy cone
– Sour cream chicken enchiladas with the side rice swirled around in extra sour cream sauce
– Reece’s peanut butter cups, eggs, Christmas tree, double stuffed, pieces…you get the idea
– Cheeseburger, medium rare, with all the things
– Banana Moon Pie (shut up, it’s my list not yours)
– Fries: curly (Arby’s), wedge (Red Robin), waffle (Chick-fil-A) with ketchup/ranch/horseradish sauce
– Baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon bits, chives (and yes, I eat the skin too)
– Costco hotdog (Y’all!!! I’m serious. It’s only $1.50 AND you get a drink!!!)
– Fresh baked cookies but seriously straight from the oven
– And finally, no matter if you have the exact same ingredients but make it yourself, it’s never ever ever as good as a sandwich your mom makes you.

Now just for fun, I’m including a few additional items that are only, and I stress ONLY, allowed during your college years or early twenties…meaning, when you broke (or hungover for that matter). Let’s face it, that’s a whole other level of things tasting good. When you broke – food one hundred hits differently. Can I get an Amen?!!
– Cici’s pizza
– Taco Bell Dollar Menu
– Hot dog from any vendor on Elm Street in Deep Ellum after a long night of shots
– Pop-tarts but not the crust, just the part with the filling (I said broke edition people, focus)
– Spray cheese on Ritz crackers
– Literally any item from Denny’s menu
– Your roommate’s Funyuns
– Stadium nachos with runny cheese(ish) that came out of an industrial sized can
– Anything … A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that’s free

So with that, I wish everyone a WoNdErFuL ThAnKsGiViNg filled with ALL the food that makes you happy!
Feel free to add your own favorites or broke favorites in the comments!

Now go make a happy plate! Let’s eat!

13 Comments on “Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels?!?

  1. 1,000% accurate! And the Costco hot dog is so underrated. It’s literally the best hot dog on the planet. And should we talk about Costco cakes? I’ve eaten all the fancy cakes, but I still maintain that a Costco cake (with buttercream frosting) is superior.

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    • Yesss!!!! That cake is INSANE!!!! I read a meme the other day that said something along the lines of “I’m this day old when I realized as an adult I can eat birthday cake on ANY day I want to.” Lol! I may need to go get myself a non birthday birthday cake soon! πŸ™‚


  2. I’d say that just about sums it up but may I suggest a hot flaky biscuits with sour cream! Trust me on this, it’s delicious.

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  3. Basically we can be on Death Row together and share all the yummies! But you did forget in your broke college edition: Jack in the Box 2 for 99 cents tacos!!!

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  4. I love the list, I don’t know if I could even come close to adding more. I guess the only addition could be the hot chocolate from the Nimitz football games.

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    • Yes!! I love a good nostalgia throw back! πŸ™‚ Hot chocolate and cold Nimitz football games! I can picture the concession stand underneath!!!!


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