You Are Not Having a Bad Day

Starbucks is out of strawberries for your Pink Drink?
You’re not having a bad day.

Stuck behind that freakishly slow cyclist on the one lane road? (Looking at you Continental!)
You’re not having a bad day.

Got that umpteenth rejection letter on a book you thought was your best work?
You’re not having a bad day.

Flat tire on the overpass of I-635 with a toddler that just pooped in the back?
You’re not having a bad day.

Teen daughter slams the car door in your face after you tell her you love her and to be kind?
You’re not having a bad day.

Super cute dog that you love more than your own kids throws up on your new area rug?
You’re not having a bad day.

Order a frozen skinny margarita at Mi Cocina and the machines are behind so your margarita is soupy – which is the opposite of frozen?😠
Okay, you MIGHT be having a bad day.


We could keep this going for a while, right? You get the point. All of these actually happened to me within the past month. It felt like a bad day at the time. I pouted about all of them – especially the skinny rita one. Not even kidding. You have one job MiCo – it’s the frozen margaritas. The Mambo Taxi! C’mon! But one thing I’ve learned the past two weeks is I don’t really have bad days. Not after what I’ve seen my twin brother and his wife go through. I’m going to be their cheerleader right now. (Digression: I always wanted to be a cheerleader …. to perform, be in the spotlight, wear super cute outfits….SIGN. ME. UP. So I’m going Rah Freaking Rah for a minute!) Andy and Michelle haven’t just had a ‘bad day’. If you took ‘a bad day’ and not only super sized it, hulk-a-fied it, and loaded it with steroids – it still wouldn’t come close. In fact, I think they would welcome what we would deem ‘a bad day’ in a heartbeat.

And that’s where it started. With a heartbeat. They welcomed baby Audrey into their world 18 days ago knowing that a heart defect was there – but had a plan in place. Things were going to be okay. What they didn’t know was that this little precious child entered the world with several other devastating health issues hidden behind her flawless baby skin. It is the worst kind of advent calendar where every day they open a box and receive a new disaster. But they handle each new box with “Okay…what do we do now.” They have no choice. Audrey is fighting for her life.

The most amazing thing through all of these 18 days which must feel like nothing short of an eternity to them – is that I have NOT ONCE heard my brother complain or wallow. He is handling everything with brilliant humor and extreme exhaustion. But he’s handling it. He runs back and forth between the hospital, my house, Michelle’s mom’s house, his house: checking in on his 2 year old daughter Ella, his dog, his wife. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. (And we are not geographically easy. Y’all have seen the meme that reads “It takes an hour to get from Dallas to Dallas,” right?) Yet, he’s holding all these pieces together and I have not heard him complain ONCE. The one thing that placed an absolutely large tear in my own heart was when he told me – with a quiver in his voice, he needed a miracle. I. Went. Fetal. (And maybe he goes fetal too but not publicly?) He is handling all of this with strength I’ve never seen. Well, that’s not true. I have seen it. This unparalled super human strength? He gets that from my dad. ❤️ My hat and my heart are tipped to you, bro. I got your back.

Michelle – in case you are thinking, “Hey? Is this whole thing about Andy?” (Well, we both know he can suck the attention out of a room, for sure.😉) I was actually saving you for last. You are a mother freaking bad ass, warrior princess, tough as nails, take no prisoners, unbreakable, superstar, rock star, shining star. The word infinity is actually too limiting when it comes to the amount of love and respect I have for you. To use Andy’s style of movie examples, you are Ripley in Aliens. These obstacles that get thrown at you at a dizzyingly daily pace are those evil horrible creatures trying to attack you and little Newt. You just strap yourself in to that contraption every day and proclaim “Get away from her, you b*tch.”

So girl keep going after those aliens, because in the end, you’ve got this. Hopefully at some point soon, you will have an ounce of peace and can climb into that sleep pod for a much needed break.

So, Y’all… Please…

If you are heading into the weekend feeling pouty. Feeling mistreated. Feeling tired. Feeling ugly. Feeling bored. Feeling unmotivated. Feeling meh. Feeling frustrated….Take a breath.

You are NOT having a bad day.

If anyone is interested in keeping updated, check out Andy’s public FB posts titled Daddy Diaries 2. Grab a kleenex but also get ready to laugh.

8 Comments on “You Are Not Having a Bad Day

  1. Prayers are going up! So many times you’ve talked about your dad’s strength …. clearly that runs in the family. Big hugs. Big.

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  2. Amy I am praying–boldly, directly, and with total confidence–that God will deliver this miracle. It’s His thing–no biggee–he’s GOD he’s got this. I’m standing on that truth for your brother, your whole family. In the mean time (and isn’t that an appropriate word “mean” time…) I’m praying for super natural strength to keep pouring into this family–that a peace that surpassed worldly explanation simply fills them and keeps them going. Love to you all.

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  3. Oh Amy, my heart breaks for Andy and his family. I can’t imagine what they are going through. We are keeping you all in prayers and waiting for a miracle.

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