Cicada Shots

A New Texas Drinking Game

Game description:
1. Go outside with a shot glass and a bottle of your favorite ‘beverage’. (On a hot Texas night, might I suggest a little Tito’s that has been sitting in the freezer for a while.)
2. When you see a dead cicada on the ground – take a shot. 
3. When you see a dead cicada that you realize is actually alive because it aggressively rises from the dead and flies directly at your head, take TWO shots.
4. If you spot a cicada shell attached to a structure before your partner, he/she must take a shot.

Game Variations:
Dead Shell Walking“: You can actually just play this game using only shells. It still works.
Silence of the Locust“: Sit on your patio with said beverage and drink every time you hear their hypnotic yet terribly disturbing chant. The easiest way to accomplish this is to continuously drink without ceasing by use of a trusty camelbak (because you CAN’T STOP DRINKING PEOPLE BECAUSE THE SOUND NEVER STOPS!!!! IT. NEVER. STOPS. Y’all!!!! Please!!! It’s creepy! They know we know they know we know!).

For Silence of the Locust, I’ve selected this one that comes in what I call “cicada spring green.”

WARNING – and I can’t stress this enough – by playing this game, the chances of you shatting yourself and passing out in your neighbor’s yard 15 minutes into this game are highly likely, nay, certain.  

#somany #whysomany #IgetitsnaturalbutitsNOTnatural #makesureyouknowyourneighbor #yourpassoutpicWILLshowuponNextDoor

Fun Fact: as a child I would gather all the locust shells I could find around my house and stick them to my shirt. Then I would try to creep my mom out by walking in covered with dead insect shells. I felt especially proud when I found the Holy Grail of shells…one shell ‘attached’ to the back of the other. Don’t act like you have no idea what I’m talking about. 😳😳😳

I realize that might be a lot to unpack. I’ll give you some time.

Y’all Have fun! Play safe!

3 Comments on “Cicada Shots

  1. Ok serious funny. And damn straight your photo will end up on NextDoor OR Ring… 😉


  2. You were 100% successful with the childhood creep-out. That image is etched in my brain forever.


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