10 Things That Undeniably Let Me know my Child Loves and Respects Me Tenfold

Let me preface by saying that this list could EASILY be more than 10 things. Not to brag, but my child really loves and respects me. I just shaved it down to a few of my favorites. 🤷‍♀️

  1. Not flushing a toilet.
  2. Finding food upstairs when food is not allowed upstairs.
  3. “Starving!”  Yet when I’ve taken the time to prepare dinner is suddenly not hungry (those in the know understand how much I ❤️ cooking).
  4. Referring to me by my first name.
  5. The ‘Eye Roll’ (cliché sure, but effective).
  6. Hearing about all the other moms who are, and I quote “WAY BETTER” than me.
  7. The Door Slam. Classic. Brava.
  8. Calling me a name she thinks I can’t hear….but we both know I can.
  9.  Not wanting to walk the dog that she begged nine years for promising to take care of all dog duties because she’s ‘sooo tired’ (from what???)
  10. Lack of eye contact during all conversations. Not even sure she still has eyeballs. Can’t confirm it. Oh wait…the “Roll.” Never mind.

All. The. Feels. 🥰

Y’all, please… Dear Jesus hear my prayers and protect this child. 🙏

But if anyone is overly concerned with the tremendous amount of ‘love and respect’ that I get (because it almost seems unfair, right?) – No worries. The amount of love I show in return disguised as a consequence is there.
Oh yes.
It’s there. 😘

The delightful eye roll image was located at https://i.giphy.com/media/xUOwG5vBijIVzXyoxy/giphy.mp4

5 Comments on “10 Things That Undeniably Let Me know my Child Loves and Respects Me Tenfold

  1. My favorite is leaving in EarPods even when not listening to music just to avoid actual conversation. 😍

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